Climbing Coaching

" Coaching is  a real passion for me. Learning to communicate, observe and teach in a way that gets the absolute best out of people is hugely satisfying. I coach individuals, couples and small groups, whilst also coaching regularly for the Women's Climbing Symposium and on Rock and Sun climbing holidays. "

Climbing is an adventure sport that has evolved over time, and there has been an enormous development in standards, disciplines, equipment and facilities in recent years. Traditionally, coaching has been minimal and often disregarded, the assumption being that the more climbing you do, the better you get, and the more pull ups you do, the stronger you get!
Those assumptions are now changing, with climbers realising the benefits of coaching at any stage of their climbing career. The exciting expansion of our sport and the increase in quality training facilities has developed much more quality coaching and training. 
Focused movement coaching, training advice and mental coaching will vastly increase your rate of development, enjoyment of the sport and decrease your chances of injury.
Regardless of your grade or experience, I seek to help people climb smart as well as strong. I listen, observe and coach in a way which will enable you to maximise your climbing potential, always catering tuition specifically to you. 

Route reading tactics 

Steep climbing techniques

Using momentum

Pace and rhythm 

Footwork - precision, trust and developing a wide footwork repertoire 

Energy systems - what are they and how to train them

Climbing well under pressure

Dealing with fear, tension and anxiety 

Motivations, goal setting and how to get there

Balance, coordination and agility

How to train - for the real life climber 

Efficient climbing

Plateaus - an opportunity to get better!

Awareness of strengths and weaknesses

- Choose a focused workshop for a small group on a particular aspect of climbing
- Book time as an individual or a pair, where we'll look at your climbing and work on the aspects which will make the most difference to you personally 
- Indoor coaching sessions are usually 2 - 4 hours long, and can be arranged as a one-off or series of sessions
- We will discuss your climbing history, desired areas of improvement and aspirations prior to your coaching session, and cater all tuition specific to you
- Coaching can be indoors or outdoors, however indoors often allows for more coaching content to be covered in the time.
- Locations:
Kong Climbing Wall or Keswick Climbing Wall (both in Keswick) 
Eden Rock in Carlisle or Kendal Wall can sometimes be arranged
- Group sizes: 1 - 2 for coaching specifically catered to you
3 - 4 for workshops on a specific area of climbing
Indoor Prices: £30 per hour 1:1, £40 per hour 1:2, £50 per hour 1:3, £60 per hour 1:4
Outdoor Prices: £190 per day 1:1, £220 1:2
Any particular questions....check my FAQs or send me an email

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