COVID-19 UPDATES: as of August 1st

As of August 1st, government guidelines now allow us to work with groups of people outdoors in England, and in indoor climbing walls subject to COVID-19 guidelines and distancing measures.
This means that I can now offer coaching, climbing, mountaineering and hillwalking activities to small groups, which opens the door for individuals, couples, families and friends to book with me. 
We will still be abiding by social distancing rules and hygiene advice, and need to respect the increased transmission risks and knock-on effects if an emergency mountain rescue was needed. 
Our return to work is inline with government guidance, the British Mountaineering Council and Sport England, and whilst instructors and coaches such as myself have been given the go-ahead to work again, we will be doing all we can to maintain social distancing, minimise transmission risks, and respect others around us that we may affect by our actions. 
Below is a summary of the activities I can currently offer, along with some key considerations for all of us as we begin to venture into the outdoors again. 
I will share any more necessary details with you on booking, but please get in touch if you have any questions. 

As of August 1st, I am able to deliver the following: 


Indoor climbing coaching

  • We will abide by the rules and guidelines of the indoor climbing facility. 

  • This may mean booking in advance, wearing masks to move around the centre and to use the bathrooms, using hand sanitiser regularly, and wearing masks for any closer contact within the social distance rule

Trad climbing - single pitch or multipitch

  • Trad climbing at any venue

  • Tuition in leading, building belays, placing gear, setting up ropes, personal abseils and problem solving, seconding practise etc 

  • Coaching movement on rock, outdoor climbing experience, and learning to push your climbing on top rope or second

Single pitch sport climbing

  • Skills tuition such as lead climbing, key safety knowledge for using bolts and sport venues, threading lower offs and setting up top ropes

  • Coaching to improve your movement skills, route reading, confidence, tactical and 'redpoint' skills

Outdoor bouldering

  • Introductions for families or friends, or specific outdoor coaching

Guided hillwalking and navigation tuition

  • Guided hill walks in the Lake District

  • Navigation and hill skills tuition

Below is a summary of four key areas that I will be considering for any outdoor work


  • Clients and instructors will use hand sanitiser regularly throughout the day, and wash hands thoroughly before and after the session. 

  • Face coverings, gloves and hand sanitiser will be accessible and used when required

  • We will avoid sharing kit or equipment as much as possible

Social Distancing

  • Course sizes will be restricted to a maximum of 6 people from different households

  • Delivery will be inline with government social distancing advice; 2 metres where possible, or 1 metre if necessary

  • Venue choice and teaching methods will be adapted to encourage social distancing e.g. choosing quieter venues and being flexible with route choice

  • Travel to venues will be in separate vehicles

Rescues and Emergencies

  • The BMC and Mountain Rescue Teams have emphasised the need to be self-reliant and undertake activities within our limits, due to the increased risk of transmission if first aid or an emergency rescue is needed

  • Clients will be encouraged to carry their own safety kit, and to take personal responsibility for our location and emergency procedures.

  • Routes and venues will be chosen that are within our limits and show caution for adverse weather conditions, taking in to account the accessibility of venues

Community Relations

  • We will be sensitive to  the anxieties of local landowners in our choice of parking and venues, through prior research, good communication and a flexible approach.

  • We will aim to bring work and visitors slowly back to the Lake District rather than a huge influx, maintaining a high reputation for myself, climbers and mountaineering instructors.