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My values and commitment to inclusivity

What's important to me?

I'm all about small ratios, tailoring things to you, and recognising the opportunities (and responsibilities) I have in my little corner of the climbing world!

Whilst I am just a small business, I believe in making a positive difference to everyone I work with, having a responsibility to look after our natural world, and playing a part in making society a better place. 


My core values

Building Community

I am passionate about the wonderful community that climbing can form, and the shared experiences many of us enjoy as part of our sport. I aim to bring people together, form lasting friendships, and promote outward-looking and positive communities

Developing Climbers

I love developing skilled climbers and enabling people to be their absolute best. I'm not about churning out large groups or just running taster sessions...I want to work with you towards your goals, and love seeing people progress!

Always Learning 

I am committed to my own learning, and I never think that I know everything! Each year I make sure I shadow other instructors and coaches, go on training courses, and take opportunities to be challenged in how I think and how I do things. I also love feedback from participants, even it's things I need to be better at!


Yes, it's a buzz word, often thrown around by organisations to make them look good. 

But for me, it's about learning, taking a hard look at ourselves, being explicit about what we stand for and making sure that our words hold true in practise. 


I work with people from all walks of life, but I believe it's important to specifically encourage people who have traditionally been underrepresented in the outdoors, or marginalised in society. 

I want o offer a particularly warm welcome to people from LGBTQ+ communities, people of colour, women, people of different religions, those with additional needs, plus size people, and minority groups. 


I hope that everyone feels welcome, is able to fully participate, and be themselves on my courses.....but I don't want to presume, and I'm still learning.

Here's how I'm trying to make a difference:

  • I take opportunities to attend training on diversity and inclusion, learn about anti-racism, and recognise I need to facilitate my own learning

  • I take time to learn about different groups before I work with them

  • I ask for feedback from people who book with me. I accept that I won't always get things right and am happy to apologise when I don't

  • I get involved with dedicated affinity groups in the outdoors, running specific groups and weekends for muslim women, people of colour, and LGBTQ+ communities 

  • I recognise that people skills are as important (if not more?!) than technical skills as an outdoor leader

  • I give opportunity for people to share any information with me beforehand, or discuss any worries they have before attending. 

  • I try to adapt my teaching, recognise differences, and help people participate as much as possible. If I can't meet your needs for whatever reason, I'll always be honest and supportive. 

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