Rock Climbing

- Bespoke dates and courses tailored to you -

- Trad, sport or bouldering -

- Days and courses for individuals, pairs or small groups -

- From £190 per day - 

Courses and guided climbs are tailored to you, but here are some suggestions...


Take your very first steps climbing outdoors, or build on the basic skills you already have. I'll work on you becoming a competent second, introduce key ropework and gear placement skills, and give you the confidence to begin move towards independent outdoor rock climbing on sport or trad. 

1:1 £190 per day

1:2 £220 per day


Expert, focussed tuition in leading trad climbs will make a huge difference in your confidence, safety and rate of development. These courses will vary in length depending on your experience. Ideally a 1:2 ratio will allow me to be alongside the lead climber on a separate rope, ensuring quality gear placements and giving maximum support. 

1:1 £190 per day

1:2 £220 per day


I am experienced in pushing my own climbing, dealing with fear, and coaching others through those boundaries and benchmark grades. I'll look carefully at your lead climbing, and assess which aspects will gain the most improvement. We can work on your gear placement skills, movement, tactics, head game and route you the support you need to see a new lease of life in your climbing. These courses can be focussed on trad, sport or boudering. 

See also Coaching

1:1 £190 per day

1:2 £220 per day


The Lake District is famous for it's multipitch climbs and mountain crags. Multipitch climbing is far more intimidating and committing than single pitch climbing, and requires more experience, skill and judgement. It is also an awesome adventure, taking you to fantastic places with a huge sense of exposure. We can deliver fully guided classic multipitch adventures of any grade, or teach you the necessary multipitch skills along the way to move you towards independant climbing. 

1:1 £190 per day

1:2 £220 per day


Single pitch climbing days for family groups or friends. Enjoy a day of outdoor climbing, while learning some skills along the way. Venues in Borrowdale or North Lakes.

Maximum group size of 6

4 people: £220 per day

5 people: £240 per day

6 people: $260 per day


Spend 1 or 2 days focussing on key skills with a professional. From basic prevention methods and problem solving, through to more advanced self rescues. Don't be fully dependant on others in your climbing, learn the skills to be independent and highly capable. 

1 or 2 day courses, up to 4 people

1:1 £190 per day

1:2 £220 per day

£20 extra for each additional person

"I don’t think I quite realised just how much I had learned until I started trying to make notes which filled pages! I feel like I have now got a solid foundation to get out trad climbing safely and have some fun. Thank you!"

Tom, after completing a 2 day Rock Skills Learn to Lead course

"We had one hell of a weekend on the Learn to Lead course with Esther. We were nervous about our first time venturing into placing gear on trad climbs, but the calm instructions and brilliant knowledge given to us over the two days left us feeling extremely positive and confident. The days were well paced, organised and adapted to teach us what we need without going over too much knowledge we already had ourselves.

Tania and Alex


Accredited Mountain Training Rock Skills courses for Trad and Sport climbing

1 day Introduction

2 day Intermediate

2 day Learn to Lead


Introduction to trad climbing days delivered through the British Mountaineering Council

Mixed courses and women specific courses 

Maximum group size of 6