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Why do your RCDI course in the Lake District?!

The Rock Climbing Development Instructor qualification is a relatively new addition to the UK outdoor qualifications pathway.

It's filled a, quite frankly, humongous gap between the RCI and MCI qualifications, and offered a really great course and qualification in it's own right. These courses are delivered by just a few providers so far, and you can choose from the south of England, North and South Wales, Peak District....and now the Lake District!

But, why choose to do your RCDI course? And why choose to do it in the Lakes?!

Well, I'm obviously biased...but here's my reasoning.

Firstly, I want you to book a course wherever, and with whoever, suits you best. Honest! The most important thing is that you have a great experience and learn a if it make sense to do your RCDI somewhere else then go for it :)

But....if you're half tempted by the Lake District then here's a few thoughts that might help you make a decision.

Maximum variety of crag and rock types

The single pitch crags in and around the Lakes include slate, limestone, granite and volcanic. They vary from quite tiny to really quite big, in a real variety of locations. There's lots to get to know, and I'm still getting to know new places and good ways of working at all the venues I use. This makes for a really interesting course where you'll learn a lot about using different venues and adapting your skills, and learn how Stu Carter and I get the most out of Lakes single pitch crags.

Your local area?

If you already have experience of climbing in the Lake District, or will be working in this area once you are qualified, then it will make a lot of sense to do your RCDI training or assessment, or both, here! Getting to know your local working crags is a big part of being a good instructor and doing well on an assessment, so if you live locally or are looking to work in the Lake District, then consider booking your RCDI here too!

Not your local area?

Often it's logical to choose somewhere close to where you live to make travel easier and to learn in an area where you'll be working. However, you might choose to do your training course in a different area, with different instructors, to give you a well rounded experience and learn from a variety of course instructors. Although often we like to book with the same person for an assessment, it is also really valuable to see how other people teach and explain things. If. you have spent the majority of your climbing and work life in one area, then I'd encourage you to take opportunities to experience different areas when you can.

2 for the price of 1!

I'll be delivering the RCDI courses alongside Stu Carter of Climb 365. Stu has delivered Mountain Training courses for many years and is highly experienced. We'll be combining my coaching and developmental skills with his course delivery experience.....meaning you'll get both of us to learn from throughout the course for no extra cost!

Passionate about developing other climbers?

The RCDI course allows a lot more time to look at coaching and progression than the RCI and MCI if you are really keen to help other climbers improve, see them develop on trad and sport crags, and teach leading outdoors, then the RCDI course is for you.

Keen for the mountains and on your way towards MCI?

If you are thinking of using the RCDI course as a stepping stone towards MCI (which i'd highly recommend by the way), then it would be great idea to do your training course in an area like the Lakes. This will set you up really well for moving your skills on to multipitch for the MCI qualification.

Our first RCDI 2023 is on the 19th - 22nd June in the Lake District.

Want to know more?

Get in touch via email at

Take a look at all the info for the RCDI scheme on the Mountain Training website here, and check out this years info and course dates in the Lake District here


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