I have spent the last 15 years rock climbing and mountaineering throughout the UK and internationally. Starting climbing indoors as a young teenager, I became engrossed in the world of climbing: as a sport, an adventure, a way to explore the world, and a way to explore myself and others. I became surrounded by the most welcoming and enthusiastic tribe of people, who are oblivious to age, gender or status, and am passionate about sharing this with others. 


I now live in the Lake District, and am privileged to have so many crags and mountains on my doorstep.


Through work and play, I get to see the 'whys' in climbing and mountaineering firsthand. For some it's the physical challenge, for some it's an escape, others simply enjoy the outdoors as a time with friends, and for some it's all about the summits and the ticklists. I have seen the value of climbing and mountaineering as therapy, as skill mastery, as simultaneously both an empowering and humbling experience. 

All this has led me to pursue a career coaching, guiding and instructing in climbing and mountaineering. Whether you are after climbing coaching, classic scrambles and hill days, or guided climbs, I'd like to hear from you. 

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